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Mum and Baby Yoga

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These classes provides a nurturing environment for you and your little one to relax together, meet other new Mums in your area and start to exercise your body in a very gentle way.  Baby gets a workout too, with gentle massage and stretching exercises.  Provides great stimulation for baby and support for you.  Space inside for buggies.  Join anytime after your 6 week check up and before baby is mobile (ie, pre-crawl).  Also suitable if you have had a c-section.  If you are in any doubt as to whether you should exercise, please ask your doctor.  Find a class here.


Benefits of Mum and Baby Yoga

Strengthening and stretching exercises for the needs of the new Mum, with emphasis on the pelvic floor, back and tummy muscles

Meeting other new Mums in your area, sharing experiences and support, lifting your mood

Stimulating your baby’s natural reflexes, basic motor skills and vision

Breathing and relaxation techniques to relieve the tensions of being a new Mum

Soothing environment for babies to interact with Mum and sometimes other babies 🙂

Fostering awareness of how to take care of yourself


    “After you have children, you enter into the unknown everyday.  Be like a river.  Be ever present and flowing.”  Gurmukh Khalsa