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Prenatal Yoga FAQ

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Prenatal Yoga FAQ

Should I consult my doctor before joining a prenatal yoga class?

Yes, if you are unsure that the exercises will be suitable for you, for example, if you have any health symptoms like back ache or dizziness.

When can I start a prenatal yoga class?

It is best to start a class after the first trimester of your pregnancy,that is, after 14 weeks. During the first trimester, your body is going through many changes. Rest and relaxation are recommended during this time until energy levels have returned to normal. If you are unsure, ask your doctor. You may join a prenatal yoga class anytime during the second or third trimester. It is never too late – better to attend a few classes than none at all.

What does the class involve?

You will learn a range of safe, gentle postures and movements specifically adapted for pregnancy which will help to strengthen, tone and stretch all of the necessary muscle groups in the body. The yoga exercises will help to prepare you for labour, delivery and motherhood. Breathing and relaxation techniques will help you to conserve energy and cope with any anxiety or emotional issues. The practice promotes a positive outlook and could reduce the need for medical intervention during delivery.

Is it safe to practice prenatal yoga up until the end of my pregnancy? Generally speaking, yes. This will depend on your general state of health. If you have any doubts, please consult your doctor and a qualified prenatal yoga teacher. Most women who begin yoga in their second trimester find that they are mobile and fit enough to continue practising right up to their due date.

What should I bring to class? You will need to wear comfortable clothing, which allows ease of movement. You will also need a non-slip yoga mat, unless the studio or teacher provides one. We practise in bare feet so no special shoes are required.

I have never done yoga before. Does this matter?

No. Beginners are welcome. Lots of women take up yoga for the first time during pregnancy.

Should I be practising yoga as it is my first pregnancy?

Yes. This is the ideal time to start yoga. During later pregnancies, it may be more difficult to fit in a yoga class if you already have a toddler at home!