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Pregnancy Yoga All You Need to Know


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‘I was really happy with my labour – I managed without any pain medication (14 hours active labour) and focused myself on breathing! It made all the difference as I delivered a very alert and calm baby! Thank you for your yoga class which really helped on the day.’ Emma V., Dublin

‘I got to the Rotunda at 3.30am and he was born within half an hour. I’ve no doubt your pre-natal yoga was a huge help with both of my pregnancies.’ Michelle, Glasnevin

‘I would like to thank you and just say that your course is brilliant. You are a great teacher and I enjoyed classes very much. I will recommend you to my friends.’ Monika, Glasnevin

‘I recommend Pre-Natal Yoga as a great way to prepare for birth and enjoy pregnancy. Physically I felt great through-out my pregnancy and avoided all the typical aches and pains normally associated with it such as back pain and posture problems etc. As an added bonus the relaxation techniques that I developed have been of great benefit and comfort.’ Oiseen Kelly, Glasnevin

‘While I was pregnant with each of my four children, I went to pregnancy yoga classes, but it wasn’t until my fourth child that I took classes with Paula. Of all the courses I did, I found the classes with Paula the most inspiring and relaxing. In fact I loved it so much I finished my last class just days before the birth. I was very well prepared for the labour and my son was born in a birthing pool to the sound of me singing joyful chanting noises! In all honesty, I would highly recommend Paula’s pregnancy yoga classes for all expectant women.’ Jackie, Dublin 7

‘I benefited greatly from pregnancy yoga. I slept much better after each class, it helped me relax and enjoy my pregnancy more. I also gained a lot of knowledge, tips and guidance from each class, both from the instructor and from oter ladies attending the class. I managed to have a quick and easy labour – I felt confident and prepared for what was ahead – due in great part to my yoga practice.’ Averil Leonard, Glasnevin

‘I felt really great after every class: stronger, more flexible and calmer. My sleep improved and I had a new awareness of my body. Yoga definitely helped me prepare for labour which lasted only 5 hours in the end! A big thank you to Paula for her support and advice throughout!’ Derval, Castleknock